A New Musical by Kim Rich and Douglas E Huston


  Alice In Analysis is an original musical based on the works of Lewis Carroll that takes a modern-day adult Alice on a journey through the Wonderland of her mind in search of her own identity. 

  When the lights come up on Alice, she is at her first session with a court-appointed psychiatrist after a medication overdose that may have been a suicide attempt. Having spent her entire life as her mother's Alice, Daddy's Alice and her husband's Alice, she discovered for the first time when her marriage ended that she had no idea who her own "Alice" was.

Her lifelong fantasy of being Alice In Wonderland intrudes on Alice's therapy as the characters from Carroll's work and from her own life become outrageously intertwined. From the White Rabbit that invites Alice to fall into the Rabbit Hole of her imagination to her dictatorial ex-Mother-in-law, the Red Queen, to her parents seen as the Queen and King of Hearts, Alice In Analysis is a witty, at times nonsensical view of Alice's search for herself.

From her initial frustration at being with yet one more therapist to her trepidation that she might indeed be "Mad" to her final battle with her own "Jabberwocks", Alice In Analysis is a fast-paced and insightful musical look at one woman's sense of self.

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